Should you consider the Good Cooking Kitchen Store?

Should you consider the Good Cooking Kitchen Store for your kitchen needs? The answer is yes, and I say that as a professional chef who spent my career working with all sorts of kitchen equipment and gadgets. Some were okay, some terrible and some great. I am featuring items that I would or have purchased for myself and present them to you, so you don't have to shop around and wonder about the quality and value for your money. My standards are very high when it comes to purchasing anything. I do a lot of research into what's best for the price, so rest assured that what I have listed reflects top notch quality for you.

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Many chefs have secret ingredients in their recipes and they will never divulge them or the amount used. I don't think it is the ingredients as much as it is a good technique in cooking. In my teaching days I would give 12 students the same recipe and the same ingredients and ask them to cook the dish. When finished they would bring it forth, including the version I made, and we would all look on as I tasted each and commented. Then they would taste everyone's too. The lesson learned was that everyone looked and tasted different from mine; they all agreed that mine was the best. Years of cooking experience and good technique, the understanding of adjusting the heat of the burner, watching the browning that occurred and the reduction of pan juices was as important as placing it in the correct position on the plate--that's what made it a success.

To help teach the students to understand this, I insisted on the best ingredients for the recipe. Really fresh fish, meat or chicken, properly cut to size vegetables, good fresh stocks, wine and other ingredients. And the best quality herbs and spices!
There is a big difference in seasonings and how freshness plays a role. Some brands are better than others and worth the extra price! I commend McCormick for selling a great quality and for rotating old products out of circulation in grocery stores and replacing out of use by date herbs and spices with fresh ones. Spice Island is another company along with Durkee, Penzy's and Tones. Up and coming is Badia's line, it's fairly priced and sources great products from around the world. I have listed a few of their products because I have used them and like the freshness and price/value relationship.