Herbs and Spices

To make good tasting food you must have some of these items in your kitchen! 

There are a wide selection of herbs and spices available to a cook, but did you know that certain brands are fresher and better than others? In the world of herbs and spices thousands of sources are available to purveyors. Some companies even own their own farms and or have developed long term contracts with growers to maintain the quality of their products. And they continue this quality and freshness by putting freshness expiration dates on their product and go as far as removing out of date items from supermarket shelves with new stock. Even their warehouses are cleaned of old stock and all is then sold to discount stores or relabeled under different brand names. Yikes the $1, spice you buy at that discount store is the old stuff that wasn't good enough for the companies like McCormick, Durkee, Badia, Goya, Tones and a few others in this business.

I've selected what I feel are the best of the best products for your selection.  As a chef I have used all of these and can attest to their quality, freshness and value! Some are well known brands and some are from specialty importers. I am playing favorites here---I really like these products!

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